The Right Back Story – Two Little Boys

I confess that it is no longer very politically correct to mention that you ever owned a Rolf Harris record but when I was six years old Mum and Dad bought me my first record, Two Little Boys. Somehow it seemed a reasonable theme for a little bit more background.

Andrew and Robert

Two Little Boys

Rob, myself and our little brother, Jeremy, grew up in rural Worcestershire between Upton upon Severn and Tewkesbury. We all went to school at Hanley Castle High School. We each had our different talents and moved onto different careers. Jeremy went to catering college and is a talented chef, Rob joined the Royal Navy as an engineer and I became an accountant. That was a profession I continued for some fifteen years before I got better and joined an engineering consultancy in its management consultancy division and (at time of writing) I’m still there fifteen years later.

Jeremy has two lovely boys, Jake and Ollie, shown in the picture below with the three of us. He is the only one of us with children, Rob and I just have dog(s). More of that later.


Two Little Boys and Three Big Ones! Jeremy and Ollie, me in the middle (apparently stood on a box) and Rob with Jake.

The very cheery photo above was taken at a very sad time when our Dad was ill in 2007 and one of the rare times that we’ve all been together in the last ten years.

We have a relatively small immediate family but we have two cousins, Dawn and Martin. The picture below was taken at Dawn’s wedding some ten years ago, not long before Rob and Louise moved to Canada and features the bride and our Mum! None of us have changed a bit.

DCF 1.0

Musher and Mother, Cousin and Brother


By the way, That Christmas that I got my first 45″ single Rob also got his. It was “Ernie, the Fastest Milkman in the West” by Benny Hill. Not embarrassing at all!