One More Time…….


Not being a “never again” sort of guy I never said I wouldn’t be back for a third Yukon Quest. After all after two visits I almost know enough now to be an incompetent handler whilst being a competent coffee drinker and a better photographer than when I started in 2016.

The fact that I’m here and posting again probably tells you that I do intend to return in 2018. In fact I’m positively looking forward to it.

In my “I’m coming back” page last year I said that it seemed like no time since I had left in 2016. This year is different. For a number of reasons it has been a long year with challenges at work, bereavement, illness and other family disruptions made 2017 go rather more slowly than 2016 when I spent a lot of the summer on an odd form of “gardening leave” whilst changing jobs.

Consequently I find myself this year with just under three weeks before I leave and no air tickets booked, no packing planned and not having spent a fortune on new equipment.

What could go wrong? See you on the trail.