It’s no Killing Joke….

This may seem off topic at first but hang on in there and you will see the relevance.

Killing Joke are an English band that originated as part of the UK’s  “post punk industrial” scene of the early 1980’s along side Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, New Order, Cocteau Twins, etc. I always say I hate categorising music like that but I keep doing it. They are described as “industrial rock” these days and the likes of Metallica, Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails all reference them as influences on their music. Rob and I have both been Killing Joke fans since the eighties. After a couple hiatus in recent years they’ve reemerged and have been touring the UK and North America.

I managed to miss seeing them in the UK through a mix of incompetence and other commitments so I was astounded and delighted to find that their tour hit Vancouver the very night I was laying over there en route to Fairbanks.

One of the early posts in this blog I was excitedly looking forward to writing was going to be to upload a report and photos from the gig in Vancouver while Rob and Chris struggled with truck and team through the snow over untreated roads from Carcross to Fairbanks.

It looks like I’ll have to just find a quiet corner of the bar and put my iPod on and imagine I was there instead!


No Killiing Joke – just a quiet night in in Vancouver


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