In at the Deep End on Drop Bag Day

Iditarod drop bag day-5

Drop bags waiting final items and sealing

After the normal night lay over in Vancouver I arrived in Whitehorse at 13:25 today, 29th January. This year it was straight into it though.

Although this blog is about the Yukon Quest most of you will know that Rob is planning on doubling up Yukon Quest and Iditarod this year again. This will be the third time he’s attempted both races in the same year and he is the only person to do it with a full team of Siberian Huskies.

The drop bags for Iditarod that go to each of the check points have to be delivered to the central point in Fairbanks shortly after the start of the race next week. This means they have to be ready for us to take with us tomorrow night. So today has been a day of preparing materials to go in drop bags, then making up drop bags and then packing the trailer and the truck ready to go tomorrow night. James and I “processed” over 750 booties, grouping them into fours, adding foot powder to each one and then binding them together to go in the bags. Other things that had to be prepared for the bags included Rob’s own food, kibble and meat for the dogs, fat for extra energy, clean clothing and so on.


About 11:30 half the bags were loaded to the trailer. The other half are still open waiting for final supplies to go in.

Tomorrow we have to get together the last bits and pieces for the Iditarod drop bags and prepare what we might need for Dawson. It’s now gone midnight and time for bed. Another busy day beckons tomorrow.


Iditarod drop bag day-6

3 x 3 is errrrrr?

One thought on “In at the Deep End on Drop Bag Day

  1. Yes Andrew, Rob is the first to complete both with a full team of Siberians & at the time I mentioned it on the feed & FB it didn’t seem to catch with anyone. He is also the ONLY musher to have gone from Whitehorse to Nome as he did a couple of years back when the race restart went from Fairbanks where the YQ had finished. I think it a tremendous feet of endurance for both Rob & the dogs as many of them were in both teams. I’m in Awe of the guy& dogs. My now 3 as mum dag left us last August are lucky to get a 6 miler a couple or 3 times a week.. Maybe some day I’ll get over to meet you all. Mean time best wishes & we’ll be following “Team” Shaytaan from the comfort of our home here in Scotland

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