The Yukon Quest 2016 in Pictures: Part Two – On the Trail in Alaska

This is the second of the videos of my Yukon Quest photos. The one thing, maybe not the most shocking thing, I learned during the Yukon Quest was that you can’t take video and photographs at the same time on one camera. So very special thanks to The Yukon Quest ( and Tailspin Media for allowing me to use their video of the arrival in Dawson, the photo of Rob and I and Mayor Stefano at the start and the picture of Handler’s one two and three at the Dawson camp.

This is part two of the four featuring the underrated music of ArkLife and Some Unheroic Hill.

This collection features the journey from the start to Rob’s arrival in Dawson after the harrowing journey over American Summit and the Highway of the top of the World. Some of you will remember my post from Circle City which was the first time I was able to really get on line and post anything. There are hopefully some decent photos from Mile 101, Circle and Dawson but not very much from Central where I was struggling a little bit and didn’t take too many photos. It also covers our road trip from Circle to Haines Junction and Carcross to drop off Tanq, Nyx and Psycho and the drop bags and then back to Dawson to await Rob’s arrival there.

As Rob says “Amazing people, amazing country, amazing race!!”

I hope you enjoy it.


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