The Yukon Quest 2016 in Pictures: Part Three – On the Trail in the Yukon

This is the third of the four videos I have produced from my Yukon Quest 2016 photographs. Brace yourself, this one a bit longer.

Once again I must give very special thanks to The Yukon Quest ( and Tailspin Media for allowing me to use the interview footage from the arrival in Dawson and their video of Rob leaving Dawson.

This video covers camp in Dawson, leaving Dawson and checkpoints in the Yukon at Pelly,  Carmacks and Braeburn and a particularly memorable warm day at McCabe.  Then it covers initially arriving at the finish at Takhini Hot Spring. It has a lot more video of mine as well as the good quality The Yukon Quest/ Tailspin Media material including leaving Pelly, arriving in McCabe and bedding down in Carmacks.

As I have said in other posts the thing that struck me most over three weeks in Alaska and the Yukon was sense of community and the wonderful people I met along the trail. The pictures can convey the beauty and the vastness of the country and the dogs and the great bond between musher and dog. What they can’t convey is that great sense of community and the fantastic friends you make along the route.

After much thought this video features “Heroes” from the 1977 second album of David Bowie’s Berlin triptych, also called “Heroes”, so the music is simply the best of the best of the best!

For the brave and enthusiastic amongst you there is an alternative version to watch which is thirty seconds longer, has slightly different music and a small number of alternative and enhanced photos. The music, Step Down from Motorhead’s 1979 album Bomber, is the equally iconic but for a different taste. A blast from my youth. Enjoy!


Bury the sacked handlers over there.


Vet checks at Dawson Camp




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