The Yukon Quest 2016 in Pictures: Part Four – After the Goldrush (reprise)

This is the last of the four videos I have produced from my Yukon Quest 2016 photographs.

Life getting in the way of art, as it does, means that there has been a slightly longer gap between part 3 and part 4 being published.

This video returns to the finish at Takhini Hot Spring and covers Judy’s interviews, the huge crowd that were there to see Rob home, clearing down and packing the team into the truck and then back to Carcoss. Images of beautiful Carcross are followed by scenes of sorting drop bags. It then moves on to the Whitehorse Meet the Mushers event and the Finish banquet. It features Rob’s speech and the First Nation tribute to winner, Hugh Neff at that banquet. Then it finally goes on to leaving Whitehorse and Vancouver on the way home. I forgot to take my camera to Finish Banquet so photos are not so good as taken on the iPhone. And thanks to Krys March and Louise for use of their photos.

To an extent the first three videos have been about Rob’s race which I was honoured and privileged to be part of. This video, slightly more narcissistically, whilst still telling the story at the end of the end of the Yukon Quest finishes with my own journey both physically and mentally from the finish to home. It hopefully will lead into my last blog which I hope to post in the next few days.

I called the earlier blog that covered this period “After the Goldrush” and I really couldn’t find a more appropriate title for this.  Consequently it was never going to be difficult to decide on what music to use for this video. It is Neil Young’s original version of “After the Goldrush” (as opposed to the later a cappella version by Prelude).

Once again I must give very special thanks to The Yukon Quest ( and Tailspin Media for allowing me to use all the photos and video that have enhanced these slideshows and videos.

I hope you enjoy it, as always.  There will be one more post that follows this.  Thank you all for indulging me by watching these videos and indeed for reading the blogs that precede them. I’ve very much enjoyed doing it.



2 thoughts on “The Yukon Quest 2016 in Pictures: Part Four – After the Goldrush (reprise)

  1. Thank you. I enjoyed it too. We will see both what Rob decides to do and what other support he has. I would definitely like to be there. I still have one further unfinished post which will appear here in the next week and then that will probably be it til 2017.


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