Fishy goings on: salmon, power failures and the amazing escaping Lazarus


Lazarus (Lazy Arse by name but not by nature) after being apprehended

I wrote “These blogs are coming thick and fast as number three for 2018 follows very quickly after number two” when I started this one Tuesday and then couldn’t post it because I had no internet or no time til now. So here is Tuesday’s report.

Tuesday was another pretty remarkable day. Rob and Louise are both at work however while they were running round and getting the dogs fed and ready for work there was a blip and the power went off. It came back on again but the batteries were apparently reporting a fault and not charging. But the generator was working so all was fine.

The main tasks were cutting up fish for drop bags and separately decanting fish oil into smaller bottles. James was cutting salmon as he bags all the best jobs. I had the seemingly less taxing job of getting oil out of a very big drum into some very small bottles, without the aid of a funnel. We were in the middle of this exercise when there was a commotion in the dog yard. I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing that James actually noticed first before I did. The commotion was caused by Lazarus having broken away from his tether and gone visiting Saphie. The short story is James caught him his loose chain. We tethered him initially to the truck and then eventually he came inside as Rob talked James through fixing his chain. Lazarus once more chained.

Back to work. Then all the power went off again. Having the electrical skills of a prawn I shouted James. In addition to being a medic and an HGV it turns out James also is an electrical engineering instructor and after some “toing and froing” he got the power back on. It turns out there really is no skill he doesn’t have! His apparent lack of eating and sleeping has got him the name Marvin the Android!



Then Rob came home and it was back to drop bags before Rob took the team out for its final training run before we he’d off for Fairbanks.

While James helped Rob harness and I took a few photos and picked up a bit of poo!

Final run

Nyx says “take me, take me”

Then off the team went for a short run looking magnificent as ever. Everyone loving it but Dawkins looked like she was off for a pleasure stroll.

Final run-2

Undoubtedly the “smiliest” team

When Rob came back it was back to drop bag filling, sealing and loading. Then pizza when Louise returned from work and at 9:30 we were ready to hit the long, long road to Fairbanks.

That deserves its own blog so……”next time”



3 thoughts on “Fishy goings on: salmon, power failures and the amazing escaping Lazarus

  1. Hope you washed your hands after the poo pick!! Mind you, I guess at least it wouldn’t have been soft and warm likes Ash’s!! Love that pic of Nyx. Nice one of James too. Happy travels. Who needs sleep anyway?!!😉😴 Wendy x

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